Jayden Cole, Nina Rivera & Zoe Sparx

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Director Jayden Cole is having Actresses Nina and Zoe read lines for a movie she’s directing about two roommates who end up hooking up. In order to help the girls be more comfortable with their roles, she arranges for them to come by and rehearse at her house because the movie involves a love scene between the roommates where they make out passionately and she wants them to portray it as realistically as possible. As they start to rehearse lines and they make their first kiss, Zoe leans in and gives Nina a tiny peck on the lips. Jayden calls cut and talks to the girls about how passionate kissing involves deep mouth open tongues and lots of mutual caressing. Zoe and Nina blush and confess that they have never done that kind of thing with another girl before and are both a little shy and inexperienced. Jayden realizes that she should step in and help method acting. She decides to sit between both of them and give them some lessons and show them what she was expecting for each of them with the scene. She starts with Nina, and says “This is how you want to express your passion, watch what I do with my lips and tongue” and she begins to deep french kiss Nina, “and watch my hands so you can see what they are doing at the same time.” and she begins to fondle her boobs and ass. Zoe says “ahhhhh I see, kinda like what boys do to me all the time.” Jayden says “That’s right just like that, try with me.” This time she sits back and lets Zoe make the moves and Zoe deep frenches and fondles Jayden. “That’s great, just like that, but you realize that while we are shooting the kissing you guys will be taking each others clothes off too, so we should practice that, since I want you both to feel comfortable getting naked on film in front of the crew, besides we’re all girls here so it should be nice and natural.” She gets on her knees behind the girls and gently pushes them together and they begin to make out passionately, but are fumbling with taking clothes off. Jayden says “keep going and I will help with the clothes it’s good practice.” She gets the girls clothes off and says “I want you guys to feel comfortable so I’m going to take mine off as well.” Then Nina says “Do you think the two of us could practice again on you so that you can give us some feedback?” Then the GGG starts with lots of passion and plenty of Orgasms for everyone. Afterwards, Zoe and Nina look at each other and then say to Jayden, “Well that was not bad for our first rehearsal, but just to be safe can we come over and practice a few more times with you just to make sure we have it down?” and everyone laughs and cuddles.