Alexis Tae & Laney Grey

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Laney has a crush on her best friend Alexis. Scared of rocking the boat, shes never said anything about it until now. Laying in bed together during a sleepover, Alexis shares that her jealous boyfriend has cheated on her. Knowing that Alexis doesnt stay single for long, Laney seizes the opportunity and confesses her feelings. Alexis has never been with a girl before, but shes curious and Laney is certainly piquing that curiosity. Unbeknownst to Laney as she slept, Alexis who fueled by a rage of lust and revenge, was just downstairs being spit roasted by Laneys dad and grandfather in an attempt to get back at her cheating boyfriend. Alexis figured if the men in Laneys family were that good at fucking, then Laney probably is too. She eagerly accepted Laneys sweet kiss and soon had Laney sucking on her tight perfect asshole. All Alexis could think about as she grinded her pussy on Laneys face was how glad she was that she took the extra five minutes to wash the men out of her mouth before hopping into bed with Laney, but that she should have probably taken a shower instead.